The Benefits of Accurate Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment pays for itself and goes beyond tire longevity; it directly impacts your vehicle’s performance and safety. At GarageOne, we specialise in aligning your wheels to manufacturer specifications, enhancing fuel efficiency, tire traction, and steering response.

Signs of Misaligned Wheels

Detecting misaligned wheels early can save you money and ensure your safety on the road. Common signs include uneven tire wear, drifting to one side, or a vibrating steering wheel. If you notice any of these symptoms, visit GarageOne for a thorough wheel alignment check.

Our Expert Wheel Alignment Services

Garage One Tyres And Alignment’s state-of-the-art Hunter Hawkeye system is the world’s leading wheel alignment system, and in the hands of our dedicated specialist, will ensure your car’s steering, suspension, and tyres are doing their job correctly.

Wheel alignments for most cars (where standard, manufacturer provided adjustments are available) cost $105, and where specialist repairs or fitment of corrective equipment is required, our workshop can provide this as well as the best advice and pricing. If you think your car might benefit from expert wheel alignment, contact us today!

Looking for something else?

Our mechanics have expert knowledge to understand and repair any problem. Our services include:

  • All repairs
  • Servicing
  • Diagnostic/fault finding
  • Electrical and electronic
  • Brakes
  • Steering and suspension
  • Warrant of Fitness
  • Air conditioning
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tyres

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