Vehicle Fleet Care Service With Garage One

Relying on franchise dealerships for the ongoing servicing requirements for your company’s vehicles will result in unnecessary expense, inconvenience, and delays.

The true dealer alternative is Garage One.

Garage One provides dealer level quality at reasonable cost, combined with the personalised care and convenience that only a dedicated, independent team can provide. Putting the service and maintenance needs of your fleet in the hands of Garage One’s skilled technicians will save you time and money. Quick turn- around and priority service means less down-time for your team and their vehicles.

All of this, with absolutely no detriment to your vehicle’s factory warranty!

Companies like Eliot Sinclair, Davie Lovell-Smith Ltd, Radius Building, JMI Construction, Jace Electrical, and many others all rely on Garage One to keep their fleets on the go.

Contact Dale today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Garage One for your fleet care needs.

Partner with Us for Fleet Excellence

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