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Air Conditioning


Automotive air conditioning has gone from being a mere luxury to an almost essential feature of modern vehicles. A well maintained, efficient A/C or climate control system not only keeps the vehicle’s occupants comfortable in summer, but will provide clean, dry air to control condensation during the colder months. This can benefit not only the health of your passengers, but will help keep the interior, glazing, and upholstery of your car free from dampness and mould.

Even an A/C system in good condition can lose a large amount of it’s refrigerant over the course of just a few years operation. This will result in reduced output, increased component wear, and can also have a significant impact on fuel economy due to the extra demand placed on the engine driven A/C compressor. Many workshops will outsource air conditioning system recharging and repairs due to the skills and expensive equipment required for this specialised field. Garage One however, has the experience and gear needed to quickly diagnose and repair A/C faults, or perform regular system services and refrigerant recharges to reduce the chances of expensive failures and keep your car operating efficiently.