Getting to the root of the problem

Modern vehicles are equipped with literally dozens of computers all controlling various aspects of the car’s operation, and all communicating with each other via various onboard networks – suffice to say, the potential for problems or failures can be huge!

Fully Comprehensive Diagnostic Fault Finding at GarageOne

Our staff are fully qualified (and friendly!) automotive technicians. Garage One’s policy of on-going training and investment in up-to-date equipment means we can handle anything your car requires.

Giving you peace of mind

Network faults can manifest as nothing more than a dashboard warning light (MIL, or malfunction indicator light) through to a complete shut-down of every system!

Up-to-date equipment, comprehensive data resources, and thorough training are vital for quick, cost effective diagnosis and repair of modern electronic automotive systems and components. Garage One is fully equipped with the scanners, scopes, test equipment, and know-how needed to keep your car operating smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

When to book diagnostic checkup

Wondering if your vehicle requires diagnostic and fault-finding services? Here are some common signs to watch for:

  • Warning lights on your dashboard
  • Your vehicle experiences a decrease in performance or efficiency
  • Unusual noises, vibrations, or odours are coming from your vehicle
  • You notice fluid leaks beneath your vehicle
  • Your steering feels unstable or your brakes are less responsive
  • You suspect there might be an issue, even if no obvious symptoms are present

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