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Automotive Services

Our aim is simple - we want to provide high quality car repairs and top-notch service to match.

All Repairs

To be able to offer the wide range of services that Garage One have become known for, our Technicians need a thorough knowledge in all aspects of automotive technology, including the latest developments like Hybrid Drive, EVs, common rail diesel (CRDi), direct injection, CVT drivetrains, and the plethora of driver assist and safety systems that are now commonplace in modern vehicles.


Regular servicing of your motor vehicle is vital to its reliability and longevity. We all know that changing the oil is important, but a car is made up of many more components and systems than just the engine.

Warrants of Fitness

WOF inspections, while necessary, can be an annoyance and at worst can really ruin your day! Garage One will work with you to minimise the inconvenience.

Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment pays for itself. Fuel economy, performance, tyre lifespan, vehicle handling, and most importantly, safety can all suffer when your car’s alignment is compromised.

Diagnostic Fault Finding

Modern vehicles are equipped with literally dozens of computers all controlling various aspects of the car’s operation, and all communicating with each other via various onboard networks – suffice to say, the potential for problems or failures can be huge!

Automotive Electrical

As well as supply and fitting of top quality Bosch car batteries, Garage One can test, diagnose, and repair any charging or starting faults your car may have. All too often, car batteries are unnecessarily replaced when the real culprit could be an under-performing alternator, failed starter, or wiring fault.

Air Conditioning

Automotive air conditioning has gone from being a mere luxury to an almost essential feature of modern vehicles. A well maintained, efficient A/C or climate control system not only keeps the vehicle’s occupants comfortable in summer, but will provide clean, dry air to control condensation during the colder months.