Expertise meets Value

At Garage One, our Technicians are extensively trained in all aspects of automotive technology, including the latest developments in Hybrid Drive, EVs, common rail diesel (CRDi), direct injection, CVT drivetrains, and the multitude of driver assist and safety systems found in modern vehicles.

All Repairs

Our staff are fully qualified (and friendly!) automotive technicians. Garage One’s policy of on-going training and investment in up-to-date equipment means we can handle anything your car requires.

Quality repairs no matter the issue

Constant up-skilling and a focus on leading edge equipment gives Garage One the ability to service, diagnose, and repair almost any vehicle. Keeping the majority of our services in-house and minimising the reliance on out-sourcing of work, lets us maintain our high quality standards. No matter what issue your car presents, the caring mechanics at Garage One can help.

Have you considered a getting your car serviced?

Regularly servicing your vehicle massively reduces the risks of things going wrong and needing to be repaired, alongside other benefits:

  • Increased Reliability
  • Maintain Value
  • Fuel Economy
  • Improved Safety
  • Lower Long-term Costs

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