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Regular servicing of your motor vehicle is vital to its reliability and longevity. We all know that changing the oil is important, but a car is made up of many more components and systems than just the engine. And all of these other parts suffer mechanical stress and wear, just like the engine. This is why proper servicing involves so much more than just an oil change! A Warrant of Fitness inspection should be considered only part of a vehicle’s overall maintenance routine.

A WOF check is a visual safety inspection involving no disassembly. A full service however, includes comprehensive checks and tests of all the wearable parts, fluids, and filters that help protect your car from premature failure. Regular servicing by the caring, professional Technicians at Garage One every ten thousand kilometres (or one year, whichever occurs first) is the best way to ensure your car stays safe and reliable. Contact us today to schedule your car’s servicing, and minimise the chances of expensive breakdowns!